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Remote Control Submarines

There are now small remote control submarines that can submerge and rise in your very own aquarium or fish tank. Imagine the realism of navigating your micro rc submarines around aquatic plants and fishes.

Mini Remote Control Submarines in an Aquarium, ©Megatech


There are two popular types of rc submarines. First are the micro r/c submarines, small enough to play in your aquarium tank! These are really fun, and a great way to enjoy toy submarines because you can watch them from the glass side of your fish tank.

There are also the bigger mini r/c submarines which can be enjoyed in a swimming pool.

Buying Consideration

One major thing to look for is the depth capability. Because water is denser than air, the radio control system distance from the transmitter to the submarine is usually very limited.

There are micro r/c submarines that are designed for a maximum depth of 24 inches (i.e. 2 feet). These are perfect for a 20 - 30 gallon aquarium or fish tank.

For swimming pools, look for the bigger mini r/c submarines that can submerge to the depth of your pool, usually 6 feet deep.

Also keep in mind the size or length. Aquarium submarines must be very small, usually less than 6 inches in order to fit and move around a 30 gallon aquarium.

Micro R/C Submarines

For your aquarium tank, I recommend buying the smallest remote control submarine you can buy. Since a 30 gallon aquarium is around 30 inches long by 15" wide, look for submarines that are 6 inches or less in length.

A good example is the Megatech Mini Ocean Explorer-1. This small 3.75 inch long toy submarine comes complete with a radio control system, battery, and charger. It also has a depth capability of up to 6 feet, so you can also have fun in your swimming pool. In my opinion, this is one of the best micro r/c submarine you can buy.

Another model you can play in your aquarium is the Nikko Sea Tiger. It is 6.5 inches long and can submerge up to 2 feet deep.

Mini Remote Control Submarines

For your swimming pool, here are two models you can have fun with. Again the Megatech Mini Ocean Explorer-1 is a good choice. But if you would like a bigger and more realistic looking submarine, then go for the Nikko Sea Wolf. It is 20.75 inches long and designed for pools and ponds. You can control it to go forward, back, left, right, dive, stop, or surface.

© Nikko Sea Wolf

Buy remote control submarines from recommended rc hobby shops and online hobby stores.

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