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RC Sail Boats

Relax by taking a quiet afternoon sailing with your rc sail boats. And if you still do not own one, let's get started.

Here is your online shopping guide to incredibly popular rc sail boats. Below are side by side comparison and reviews to help you buy radio control sailboats.

Picture of RC Sail Boats

RC Sail Boats Equipment

The good thing about rc sailboats is that there is no motor or engine to worry about. They are simple to set up and maintain, perfect if you just want a quiet afternoon to relax by the lake. And with no noisy motor, there are plenty of places where you can surely play with your radio controlled sailboat.

The main equipment you will need is the sailboat kit and a 2 channel radio control system. Batteries for the transmitter and receiver are usually not included.

Buying Tip: It is well worth buy rechargeable batteries such as NiCad or NiMH. They will pay for themselves after just a few recharges.

Ready to Run (RTR) RC Sail Boats

There are plenty of rc sail boats that come ready to run. That means the boat and radio control system are both included in the kit. You will usually just need to buy batteries for the radio controller.

Ready to run sailboats also make it easy for beginners by being pre-assembled. Some even come with an instructional video to help you get started without any problems.

Assembly of Radio Control Sailboats

Some rtr radio control sailboats require some minor assembly. Nothing major to worry about. Assembly times may take 30 - 60 minutes, consisting of assembling the sail and maybe installing the radio control system.

Recommended Models

Here are some popular models that have been reviewed and are recommended for beginners and experienced modelers. Below is a side by side comparison of some of the best recreational rc sail boats.

  Nikko Mariner RC Sailboat Sea Light Sail Boat Megatech Nirvana Racing Yacht Pro Boat Sanibel
Ready to Run? Yes --- Yes Yes
Radio Control System 27, 49MHz 26, 27MHz unspecified AM
Length 19" 20.25" 32.5" -
Width 5.5" 4.75" 7.9" -
Height 33" 33.75" 51.5" -
Others: 4.8v battery pack and charger

RC sailboat video

Display stand

Street Price: $79.95 $108.55 $179.99 $279.99

These are perfect models for sailing in your pool, pond, or a small lake.


For young kids, the Nikko Mariner Radio Control Sailboat is a good model to start with. It is cheap, and comes ready to run with an instructional video. Great inexpensive gifts.

But if you are looking for a bigger and more realistic radio controlled sailboat, I would have to recommend the Megatech Nirvana Racing Yacht. Is is simply, in my opinion, the best choice based on price and value.

Hope this page has been helpful. Thank you.

RC Sail Boats Resources

A great website to learn more about rc sail boats is the American Model Yachting Association. The AMYA promotes the designing, building, and racing of all model sailing yachts.

Also under the review and tips page is an article called RC Sailing Tips. And finally, buy your electric rc jet skis from recommended rc hobby shops and online hobby stores.

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